What is Addiction? | History of Tobacco | How did tobacco arrive in India?

1. What is addiction? Addiction means getting attached to a habit. The one who binds, the same bond. Make dependent and keep it in your grip, its name is addiction. Addiction in Sanskrit means – sorrow. True, the one who keeps you tied – that itself is sorrow. There is no greater sorrow in this world than paradependency. You have to be under others, you have to be in their grip, you have to do as you say, you have to shake and shake, such a bond – such an … Read more

Biography-Networth of Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling Biography, Mother, Father, Wife, Net Worth, Movie Barbie, Awards, New girlfriend, Next film, Daughter, age. Ryan Gosling is one of the most versatile and bankable actors, who often surprises his fans with a variety of genres and distinct roles. Recently, Ryan made headlines by revealing his blonde look as “Ken” for the upcoming movie “Barbie”. Fans are eagerly waiting for Ken’s portrayal by Ryan. The Canadian actor whose acting career is nearly thirty years old is touted to be one of the most adaptable artists. From being a … Read more