What is Addiction? | History of Tobacco | How did tobacco arrive in India?

1. What is addiction?

Addiction means getting attached to a habit. The one who binds, the same bond.

Make dependent and keep it in your grip, its name is addiction.

Addiction in Sanskrit means – sorrow. True, the one who keeps you tied – that itself is sorrow. There is no greater sorrow in this world than paradependency. You have to be under others, you have to be in their grip, you have to do as you say, you have to shake and shake, such a bond – such an addiction, that is sorrow! “first man dies on habit, Then habit kills him!”

How did tobacco arrive in India? who brought ? Where did tobacco in the form of addiction come from? History of tobacco.

History of Tobacco
In AD 1492, when Columbus reached the Americas.

In AD 1492, when Columbus reached the Americas, he saw the forest dwellers on the surrounding islands sucking the smoke from bamboo tubes in groups after burning the leaves of some plants together. On enquiry, it was found that by doing this, they experience fun, get pleasure and their enthusiasm increases.

History of Tobacco
Industrial history.

Columbus and his companions also enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the company of Lizette. Then he thought why shouldn’t I take these plants to my country Europe? The pipe from which Banvasi Bansaki was sucking smoke, they called it Tabaco. Thus the plants were named Tobacco Tobacco. In this way, with Columbus and his companions, these plants reached Spain, Portugal – (Portugal) in Europe. Where his farming started. Later its drinking method was discovered. European subjects reached far away places of the world, sometimes for royalty, sometimes for getting money and sometimes for looting. This people took tobacco with them wherever they went and then it spread all over the world.

In our India, around 1600 AD, the Portuguese came here, then in the court of Jahangir, they made the emperor taste tobacco. This brought great joy to Jahangir. Then these Portuguese made Amir Umrao, Sir-Senapati everyone a taste of it. Everyone has become a victim of this habit. Soldiers also started drinking and then gradually this tobacco spread its magic to the general public. After that it spread all over India. Its use increased in various forms. Sometimes bidi, sometimes cigarette, hookah, chilam was used. By applying crushed tobacco on the teeth in the form of gravel or by smelling it in the form of soap, in this way tobacco was used in different forms and humans started getting intoxicated by it.

History of Tobacco
In our India, around 1600 AD, the Portuguese came here

2. What are the toxic substances in tobacco? Tobacco Use : Smoking

What is smoking? Smoking and drinking it is the same smoking. People smoke tobacco through bidi, cigarette, hookah, chillum etc. There is a terrible poison called nicotine in it. When a person takes a sip, they inhale nicotine as well as many other substances into their lungs. On taking a sip, nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen cyanide and as many as twelve other elements go into the body and cause inflammation in the cells of the body – damaging the cells. Beedi, cigarette smoke contains such toxic elements. Everyone does not know about the chemical combination formed from it, so understand this much:

Toxic smoke ten times worse than the smoke coming out of the petrol with which the cars run, comes out of this beedi, cigarette which a human being enters into his lungs.

How toxic is nicotine in tobacco?

500 mg means half of a gram i.e. half a gram i.e. a drop as much as nicotine is contained in tobacco. If it is injected into a person’s vein, then that person dies at the same moment.

History of Tobacco
What are the toxic substances in tobacco? Tobacco Use : Smoking

This is such a deadly poison. Those who smoke beedi, cigarette for years, a drop of blood from their body put it on the floor and if a pigeon roams around mistaking it for a grain, If you put a beak on it, it becomes dear to God at the same moment.

3. Effects of nicotine on the body

Nicotine affects the body in different ways. First of all it attacks the system in the body. How ? let’s look at…

History of Tobacco
Effects of nicotine on the body

(A) Intoxication: The initial effect of nicotine is intoxicating. As soon as a person inhales and snorts, nicotine reaches the lungs and mixes directly in the blood in just seven seconds, and then after reaching the brain, within these seven seconds, the addicted person becomes ecstatic. He starts showing his strength, but forgets that his whole health is getting destroyed in this. He doesn’t know that this nicotine is a hidden rustam, the way nicotine makes the whole house hollow, in the same way this nicotine makes the whole body hollow.

(B) Makes the heart beat faster: A person drinks nicotine by smoking, then as soon as nicotine gets into the blood, it increases the amount of secretion called Catacoline. As its quantity increases, the heart rate becomes faster. Just as by increasing the speed of an oil engine, the heartbeat of the addict increases, in the same way, the pulse of the addict’s heart increases. in a few minutes with him as soon as he sipsHis heart rate increases from 70-75 to 100 speed. The heart is the pump of our body whose job is to draw blood and move it forward in the blood vessels. This increases blood circulation; But this nicotine has another dangerous effect as well. It constricts the veins that supply blood to the heart.

On one hand, the heart demands more blood, and on the other hand, the blood vessels have shrunk. Due to this, there is double stress on the heart in blood circulation, until the ‘engine is new’, the special effect is not visible, but gradually the attacks on the heart start and then heart attack! Dilation of the heart and pains of blood pressure come to the fore. The effect of nicotine has such effects on the heart.

(C) Sudden death occurs : Nicotine has another hidden effect: sudden death! The person does not even have time to talk. You must have seen, addicts hold beedi between two fingers. In between, the frozen ashes are dropped by giving a jerk. Do you know what this means? They are going to leave as soon as they are pinched. No one should understand anything. That’s why our folk writers say: The bidi(cigarette) was lit, the bidi(cigarette) was blown, it kept burning but the person who lit it extinguished himself.

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